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2010 TMDB rating (6.2/10)

Six years ago NASA discovered the possibility of alien life within our solar system. A probe was launched to collect samples, but crashed upon re-entry over Central America. Soon after, new life forms began to appear and half of Mexico was quarantined as an infected zone. Today, the American and Mexican military still struggle to contain “the creatures,” while a journalist agrees to escort a shaken tourist through the infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the U.S. border.

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40 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. Superb.  Totally different from say Pacific Rim, but I loved both (this for mood and characterization. PR for sheer spectacle).
    No shaky cam.

  2. Sinceramente fue la pelicula mas aburrida que he visto, me dormi en el cine y Cloverfield esta mucho mejor que esa , lo unico interesante es cuando salen los pulpos gigantes al final

  3. Very surprised by the "like" bar on this. Something that looks like that is normally reserved for new pop videos.

  4. What makes this movie amazing is that it was made by one bloke on a home computer with just to actors.

  5. I don t understand why this movie is so poorly rated i ve just watched it and i was very surprised to how it was intelligent and told i just love it

  6. This film is NOTHING like District 9, District 9 was some pretend documentary its realy stupid if you ask me there is no story line

  7. one of my favourite monster movies of all time
    two thumbs up for Gareth Edwards 
    It so realistic and terrifying

  8. well if u wanna see an unconventional sci-fi movie with some great characters and superb direction then don't waste any time and see this movie you will love it but if you are looking for a stereo-typical monsters tearing shit up movie go see pacific rim or 1998 version of godzilla you will love it trust me

    why is there a huge entrance in the wall? cameras are down, nobody is repairing it, etc. aren't they trying to stop the monsters? why let this happen?
    what were the monsters doing at the end of the movie?
    why did she say she doesn't want to go home?

  10. Yaall morons, this misleading title….. it should be:
    Roadtrip Drama…..
    and then this trailer…..but because of that, me and my gf had to laugh sometimes…..
    more worse then worsed

  11. I loved this movie. The characters, the directing and the aliens. I am making an fan film similar to this movie. And i was wondering if anybody here was intrested to give me some ideas for the monsters desing. (Sorry for my english)

  12. I loved this movie. The characters, the directing and the aliens. I am making an fan film similar to this movie. And i was wondering if anybody here was intrested to give me some ideas for the monsters desing. (Sorry for my english)

  13. I feel like this movie was trying to hard to be metaphorical. Especially some of the dialogue made that painfully obvious.

  14. This movie was lame. The female felt like a prop and the ending contradicts the mating scene with the two monsters hard. 

  15. This film had an extremely low budget and the director edited the whole thing on his laptop in his home so anyone who thinks this film is bad you clearly don't know shit about movies

  16. No vean esta película por nada del mundo. Dice que es de extraterrestres, pero se van a pasar 1 hora y media escuchando de los dramas de los protagonistas. Tiene una lentitud alarmante para justificar la hora y media de duración, con tomas largas de hechos intrascendentes para la historia, que no terminan nunca. Cuando terminas de ver la película piensas que pasaron 5 horas, no una hora y media escasa. Lo que ven en el trailer es todo lo que pasa en el film de acción, no hay más nada, y las pocas escenas de acción o suspenso con ETs son muy parecidas a las de La Guerra de los Mundos, que para ver películas de ETs de este tipo, en lo que se refiere a tomas de acción y aventura, ya vieron todo en esa película, Monsters no aporta más nada que unos diálogos interminables de los dramas personales de los protagonistas, y la meditación sobre hechos intrascendentes que no tienen relación alguna con la invasión alienígena, ni con el título que porta el film. Prevengo a incautos de ver esta película.

  17. this movie was bad because half the time you couldn't see shit because it was too dark, and it barely contained any monsters which made the film hugely boring. He directed Godzilla and that was shit because it contained about 20 minutes of Godzilla, and focused manly on a love story no one cared about and killed off Bryan Cranston, so i strongly dislike this director.

  18. This movie was "bad" because there is a kind of mystery about the monsters, as Godzilla. Many people dont like it because they want action, but for me it is a good movie because i like the way the realisator mains the scenario

  19. This movie is trash weak story & no action its a shitty version of cloverfield. The main character whos a guy has a trampstamp wtf?!. Waste of life film

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