Don’t Hide (2022) – Short Horror Film

Three strangers help a young woman fight to survive in her nightmare as a demon comes for them all…

“Don’t Hide” is the second short horror film from writer, producer, and director, Dillon Vibbart. Co-produced by Erik Reese, this horror film serves as the 2nd entry in our nightmare anthology series after “Somniphobia.”

The film was shot on a $5k budget over the course of 3 days in Eagle Rock, CA and Simi Valley, CA. We wanted to follow up on the success of our previous short horror film, “Somniphobia,” while also figuring out how we could improve our filmmaking skills on half the budget. As big fans of the horror genre, we wanted to continue the themes previously explored with characters overcoming their demons with a serious message.

With an amazing cast and crew behind this project, we hope “Don’t Hide” can display another prime example of indie filmmaking at its best. Enjoy!

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Production Company: Ninja Brothers

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Executive Producer: Dillon Vibbart

Producer: Erik Reese

Director Of Photography: Joshua Nitschke

Sound by Adam Sperry

Original Music by Narek Mirzaei

Make Up by Emily Margaret

Visual Effects by Cody Vibbart

Sound Design and Mixing by Nicholas Paolella

Poster design by Sean E. McCarthy


Ashton Solecki

Caitlin Duffy

Omar Cook

Matt Kohler

Terrance Wentz

©Ninja Brothers 2022

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