Fans of The Haunting and The Changeling Activity can’t miss this spooky haunted house paranormal horror movie from the 80s. A schoolteacher moves into her deceased aunt’s home in a small town, only to find herself plagued by supernatural occurrences and unexplained hostility from the local townspeople connected to her aunt’s past…

The Hearse (1980)
Genres: Horror
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  1. Right. Simeone broke in last noc and she leaves door unlocked. Duh. Like i say must suspend intelligence when escaping into the THE MOST profitable highestvsalaried business. Obviously he is a ghost. Well im a hangerbin there..wasted lot my life watching dumb movies..

  2. There was an unfortunate choice of font in the thumbnail, leaving the kerning between the E and the A looking like a gap, reading THE HE ARSE. I thought it was going to be avant garde British gay porn.

  3. I love this. If this is 80 i have been then about ten years old. I have never seen this but i like. And i wrote this comment before i see how this end. πŸ˜†thank you.β€οΈπŸ€—

  4. Everything was up to interpretation here. Maybe Jane was having a mental breakdown and much of this wasn't real. The haunted legend was true but her interpretation was part of her breakdown. Maybe it was true and Jane died at the end. Maybe it was her car that went off the cliff. Tom smiled right before the car rammed into him and you don't see her car again after the crash. You see her and the credits roll.

  5. Tom Sullivan, the dark, devilish boyfriend, is played by David Gautreaux. Did anyone else think the actor playing the hearse driver was trying not to laff during his scare scenes with Jane? I did lol

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