The Final Wish | Full Psychological Horror Movie

In the 2018 horror movie we are introduced to Aaron, a young man who returns to his family home after the death of his father. As he navigates the grief and unsettled past, he discovers a mysterious ancient urn that possesses the power to grant wishes. Driven by desperation and a desire to change his own life, Aaron makes a wish that sets off a chain of terrifying events. As his wish is granted, he soon realizes that every wish comes with a horrifying consequence. The line between reality and nightmare becomes blurred as Aaron struggles to undo the damage caused by his ill-fated wish.

Stars: Lin Shaye, Michael Welch, Melissa Bolona
**Under license from Cineverse. All rights reserved**

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  1. I'm 11 minutes into this movie and I already love it! Great acting! So believable!…I loved this movie! I thought it was awesome! I watched it multiple times, to really see the nuances and "wrap my head" around the details. It definitely reminded me of the Final Destination movies, which is a good thing. Same vibe. This movie was pure entertainment! Thank you Youtube for providing!

  2. I want to get stoned with Lin and have her scare me then we laugh about it. 😐🥴I have a feeling she's super cool irl.

    Okay what a pos film. The abusive sheriff, trigger happy "Tyrone", the helpless white woman(who waited to correct "Tyrone") who has someone to sacrifice themselves for her(normally a life now a soul), the mom wasn't actually happy and nothing explained her behavior. And I've never heard of summoning a djinn by simply touching an urn or anything. Btw the typical djinn/genie lamp on the table was there to tease? The typical and stereotypical bs plus the lack of scares. Literally nothing scary and I'm curious about ppl who found this scary… wth kind of cozy, sheltered life does one have to live to get scared by such goofiness.

  3. Anybody else pay attention to the end of the movie where it stated on the radio Biden was elected president and trying to fulfill his campaign promises. This movie started production 2018 released 01/2019 and Biden was elected 11/2020…😮awkward

  4. This is an outstanding movie. The actors performed phenomenally, and I am extremely grateful that you have invested the time and effort to post this film on YOUTUBE in order to afford the countless viewers the opportunity to watch it.

  5. that house they use I have seen in quite a few of these type movies – who ever owns it must me making a bundle – and it is under contract to not be painted – and usually there is a dog involved that has to die – right away so that the emotional sentimental factor is established and then each death after that is like another punishing left jab to the gut from the smiling legend "Tyson".

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