It Came from Beneath the Sea (Black & White) | Full Movie | Voyage


The action is wet and wild in this sci-fi thriller that pits man and woman against a giant octopus.

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It Came from Beneath the Sea (Black & White) | Full Movie | Voyage



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  1. 1:03:38 The announcer says to remain in your house, but then says to "go about your ordinary pursuits". Make up your mind! Special effects are impressive, it's too bad "It" doesn't really appear sooner in the film. So did the monster just die and rot away where we last saw it, by the pier?

  2. When I was much younger I was scared of going over the bay bridge with my family thinking the giant Octopus would bring it's arms up and get me! after seeing the movie at a young age. I've gotten over it a while back but still even thinking if such a Sea creature like that could exist! and waiting for me.

  3. HARRYHAUSEN DID iT AGAIN!!! If God himself ordered a sea monster out of the sea it would be of that magnitude or even BETTER ,since he has the HIGHEST possession of SUPERNATURAL POWERS!!! Harryhausen always captures the awe of God in some ways, only humans can imagine!!! Monsters to us little humans but little toys to ALMIGHTY GOD& his Son, the Christ, whose at GOD'S RIGHT HAND to make sure the other spirit creatures carry out his orders!!!!! Rev.4vs11&Rev5vs11&13. Earl of ElBarrio,NYC,NY.2/25/24

  4. I’ve seen a clip of this from the 1998 movie GODZILLA. I also heard that the Tentacles of the same Octopus ended up as Tails for some Dinosaurs on another Film Ray Harryhousen worked on. Unless it was really that 1956 color Film he worked on along with his mentor Willis O’Brien that came a year later after this film.

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