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Terrifier – Art The Clown returns and sets his sights on three young women, along with anyone else that gets in his way.
2016. Stars: Jenna Kanell, Samantha Scaffidi, David Howard Thornton
*Under license from Epic Pictures. All rights reserved*

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  1. Group chat I’m a see you tomorrow I’m gonna be making a video says you looking stupid you can’t move away and you can’t twist away and move a sample side is is is is Anna with the big E

  2. This is such an interesting concept. A clown serial killer is one thing but this Arthur character is different. Art is a dang cheater! He carries a f'n sidearm, he drives a van, he knows how to text with proper grammar and punctuation. Art is really funny when he's in chill mode. He has an incredible immune system. He sucks his thumb 👍. Also, he kills main characters.

  3. Tara low key even though they tried to make Sienna out to be this asspull mythical gains super powers badass was a better fighter, had a better showing vs Art up until Sienna was given the asspull sword powers.

    Siennas showing- With more anticipation, intel she fought Art twice and never came close to getting the better of him and literally got knocked out cold, unconscious twice and was flat out killed the last encounter before the sword randomly revived her. So knocked out twice, killed once and never had Art at risk.

    Tara, Longer fight, encounter and did better against art. Got the better of him twice and actually literally had him down about to kill him if not gof him having a gun and pulling it out.

    Because of how they were portrayed and Sienna living at the end and Tara being pretty brutally killed people give Sienna the edge but pre powers Tara wrecks Sienna in a fight by their feats, showings.

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