Underwater | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


After an earthquake destroys their underwater station, six researchers must navigate two miles along the dangerous, unknown depths of the ocean floor to make it to safety in a race against time.

Directed by William Eubank, UNDERWATER stars Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, Vincent Cassel and John Gallagher Jr..

In Theaters January 10, 2020

Underwater | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


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  1. Where to begin. What a turd. First you get a 30 year old woman now in the form of Kristen Stewart who obviously has not had any kids based on her 7 year old boy physique which skips any femininity in the film in what is nakedly a remake of alien under water that mated with leviathan and at least one other underwater creature film the name of which iI have forgotten like the film. The typical and all too expected set up timed scares are trite and announced, and the main thing missing is the creature itself whatever that is, supposednly one from HP Lovecrafts imagination though you wouldn't know it until the third act of course. Trite Hollywood remake action at it's worst showing that the trust fund turds of the cabal can't make a film to save their fortunes. If you thought ten remakes of the Three Musketeers was bad and ten more of Spiderman showed not just laziness and lack of imagination or intelligent investment into new stories this one proves that fact to a T. Two hours -almost-(thankfully) that you will never get back. They should pay people to watch this drivel and even then most would walk away. Time for AMERICAN CINEMA to reign in America. The cabal is done and phoning it in these days.

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