Watch First 9-Minutes Of Live-Action Horror/Fantasy ‘Dampyr’

Dampyr is a live-action movie based on the Italian comic book series of the same name. It is coming to digital for the first time on August 8 since its release in October of 2022. You can watch the first nine minutes of this horror fantasy and get as intrigued as we are.

It is set during the Balkan war circa the early 1990s. A young nomad named Harlan Draka cons people out of money pretending to be Dampyr; someone who is half-human and half vampire. The villagers he comes across wrongfully believe their town is overrun by monsters so Draka takes advantage of that conning them out of money, saying he can dispose of them.

But when Draka is asked to help a group of soldiers battle legitimate monsters, he finds out that he is in fact a real Dampyr and must go up against the Master of the Night and his minions. This forces him to discover the truth behind his identity and the real strength of his innate powers.

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