Shudder’s ‘Martyrs Lane’ Trailer is a Supernatural Nightmare!

The trailer for Martyrs Lane appears to be a very well-made ghost story. It does a good job at conjuring up a supernatural mystery with a lot of creepy elements. It also manages to do everything that excellent ghost stories do, such as attaching itself to two places in time and throwing in a terrifying ghost child for good measure.

The plot summary for Martyrs Lane is as follows:

Leah, 10, lives with her family in a vast, ancient house in this unsettling ghost story and can’t figure out why her mother has begun to act so distant and withdrawn from her. She is visited by a stranger late at night who may be able to provide her with some much needed answers. Every night, Leah is given a new test and is rewarded with tidbits of information that, when put together, threaten to cast a harmful light on both the truth in her nightmares and the world she lives in.

Martyrs Lane appears to be a spooky ride for the viewer, and it will blend in well with Shudder’s collection. If you haven’t seen Caveat yet, you should definitely do so. It’s a harrowing ride, and it’s one of my favorite Shudder films.

Martyrs Lane will premiere on Shudder September 9th 2021.

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