The Best NEW Horror Movies 2022 (Trailers)

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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best New Horror Movies 2022
00:03 The Invitiation
02:22 Predator: Prey
04:33 Orphan: First Kill
06:41 Fall
09:02 Smile
11:14 Prey for the Devil
13:32 Barbarian
15:50 The Menu
17:20 Bodies Bodies Bodies
19:20 The Reef: Stalked
20:22 Nope
23:16 Hatching
25:37 Wyrmwood: Apocalypse
28:05 Crimes of the Future
29:42 Fresh
31:23 The Black Phone
33:35 You Are Not My Mother
35:33 Scream 5
37:46 Men
40:00 Firestarter

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  1. So they used a white girl in the movie fire starter? How racist. They should’ve used a black girl or a Mexican girl. How dare they use a white girl. The original fire starter that was made back in the early 80s had a white girl in it. After all these years later they just go ahead and put a white girl in again. That’s racist. This movie needs to be Canceled. 👎

  2. Love how they ruin these movies by putting weak unbelieveable females in roles that just aren' trealistic.
    Yes, show us a muscular large man with weapons and sophisticated training apparatus set up to keep himself on top of his game but then being ambushed by the most unrealistic character you could think of.
    Diversity for the sake of diversity is why your movies are garbage.

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