Wraith (1080p) FULL MOVIE – Thriller, Haunted House, Paranormal

A wraith is a trace, a wisp, a spirit that appears just after or shortly before its death. The Lukens family has been living in an old mansion in Wisconsin for almost 10 years. Dennis, the father, is unemployed and searching for work. Katie, the mother, is a freelance writer who can’t seem to sell anything. Lucy, their teenage daughter, seems to be friendless. About the same time the mother discovers she’s pregnant, a ghost-like presence begins trying to communicate with them. The spirit wants to become part of the family. It makes friends with Lucy, saying she wants to be her sister. It also seems to protect all the life in the house. In her quest to know who or what the spirit is, the mother is advised to visit a retired priest. Father Ehrlich, blind for unknown reasons, can see a spirit, whether it is human or otherworldly. But then the spirit – the Wraith – warns that a great evil is about to descend upon the house. Father Ehrlich must fight off this demon to save the family.
#thriller #hauntedhouse #gravitasfilms
Directed by: Michael O. Sajbel
Gina Berceau
Karl Greene
Mark a. Wallenfang
Catherine Frances
Jensen Buchanan
Christopher Chisholm
Charles Kagen
Jackson Hurst
Lily Hansen
Ali Hillis
Birdi Davis
Dan Oliver
Gabriella Lillian Zoltowski
Lance Henriksen
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  1. Why fear when WHEN SPIRIT reaches out. Bec our poor faithless fearful society so negative. Why not embrace the exp. I have dear friend who was visited BY LADY spirit when she was little girl.She liked her

  2. β€œNo harm or risk what so ever β€œ quote from the movie ! For the mother what about the baby ? Then they don’t tell you no harm or risk at that time but ten years later the depression and the guilt and pain sets in if you have a conscience but they don’t tell you that so they ! Great movie ! Truth

  3. I'm pro life. However when I was 19 I saw things differently and was put in a position where my husband took any choice away from me other than his choice. I regretfully did as he said and had an abortion. Almost two decades later and this decision still haunts me. I have two amazing daughter's today but I still cry and pray for the ones who's lives I took away.

  4. I have a really difficult time with movies with stupid people..The ghost never threatened them, and even saved the daughter's life, and said exactly what it wanted, Yet, somehow, they have no idea what the ghost wants. Nobody in real life would ever be that stupid.. so why make the characters so dense?
    Otherwise it's a good, if slow moving film, I guess… I thought they'd get the message after finding out about Moloch.. but it still took a while for it to sink in. Great analogy though comparing Moloch sacrifices to "medical procedures"..

  5. If the idea of a horror film that features/ ends with "abortion is evil, join a church" sounds like garbage to you, pick another film. Got just over an hour in and it takes a serious right-hand turn into pro-life christian nonsense. Sigh.

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