Evil Dead: The Game Review — Just Groovy Enough


The legacy of the Evil Dead franchise is a strange and glorious one. Sam Raimi’s 1981 original, The Evil Deadis a horror classic in its own right, but it was the pseudo-sequel/remake Evil Dead II that established the campy tone of the franchise as we know it. Army of Darkness was such a departure from the setting that it didn’t even share the Evil Dead name.

In the years since AoD‘s 1992 release, the cult has grown and us dead-heads have been graced with a handful of middling video games and a short-lived Starz series in the 2010s. 

Since Evil Dead II, Bruce Campbell’s wisecracking Ash Williams has been the lynchpin of the series no matter the format. Throughout the PS2-era of character action games, Bruce Campbell’s dedication to voicing Ash kept the spirit of the series alive long enough for Ash vs Evil Dead to be a thing. He returns again for Evil Dead: The Game, an all-encompassing piece of fan service. 

Evil Dead: The Game — Just Groovy Enough

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