Layers of Fear Gameplay Walkthrough Demo Scares with the Lights Off

The latest Layers of Fear gameplay trailer shows why you’ll want to play Bloober Team’s reimaging of its own 2016 horror game, which put the Polish studio on the map — and eventually led them to remaking Silent Hill 2.

While we’re still quite some time away from the reimagining of Konami’s horror masterpiece, Bloober is taking another stab at its own cult classic with this year’s Layers of Fear. Please don’t be confused by the name.

Layers of Fear has been teased for quite some time, but this gameplay trailer is the first reveal of how Bloober reimagined it for a new generation. Thankfully, you won’t be misled, as this new demo walkthrough contains nearly 12 minutes of footage. It’s substantial and even introduces a new character to this version, called The Writer.

Along with some story details, we also get a look at a new mechanic in the form of a lantern. While darkness still plays a very important role in Layers of Fear, you’ll now have tense moments where trekking through pitch blackness can be mitigated by lighting it up, but wasting lantern fuel will cause hiccups later down the line.

Everything is pulled together by an impressive use of Unreal Engine 5, elevating the original’s scrappier aspects to new heights of visual fidelity.

What’s most interesting about this remake is that it not only incorporates the original game but Layers of Fear 2, as well. You could think of this as a definitive edition of both games that seamlessly blends the two narratives together to create something new. To that end, Bloober promises that all DLC from the series will be included here in addition to the aforementioned Writer character. This should be a treat for series fans.

Layers of Fear is currently scheduled for a June 2023 release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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