Peek Inside This Augmented Chucky Cheese ‘Pizzeria’ and Arcade


The internet is a wonderful place to find things you never knew you needed. Take, for instance, this pizzeria that may sound familiar, but isn’t quite what you think. Or is it?

Introducing the Chucky Cheese pizza arcade which isn’t an actual place but something we would love to see in reality.

The pictures below were made by an artist named Sirius who, through some extensive research, we weren’t able to locate online. So if you know where we can find them let us know in the comments. We would like to thank him for the great homage to one of our favorite killer dolls.


Inside the restaurant, you will find arcade games such “Wack-A Chucky” and the “Severed Bowel Play Tunnel.” A butcher knife signpost points you to the restrooms and there’s even an Aaron Fechter-inspired animatronic band to entertain guests while they eat.

Although this establishment is completely fabricated, an enterprising horror fan could make it happen.

Immersive Art

Immersive art installations have been popping up all over the country. One of the most popular is called Meow Wolf. With installations in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and Denver, Meow Wolf has set the standard for mind-blowing pop-up interactive art experiences.

The one in Vegas called Omega Mart is a popular destination for tourists. In it, you become a shopper in an other-worldly supermarket with colorful time portals, alien subliminal messages, and hands-on activities, all of which give you clues to solve an inter-dimentional mystery.

The same could be done for Chucky Cheese. Just add pizza and a salad bar.

But until that day comes (it probably won’t), enjoy these excellent concept art photos from Sirius and let us know if you would take the family out for a slice and then grab some pizza.

Artist: Sirius
Artist: Sirius
Artist: Sirius
Artist: Sirius
Artist: Sirius
Artist: Sirius

*header photo by Sirius

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