Flight 7500

From the director of The Grudge comes this spine-chilling journey into fear. On a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo, a plane is shaken by severe weather. When the turbulence subsides, a passenger suddenly dies-and a supernatural force is unleashed, overtaking the passengers as they desperately fight to figure out what it is and how to stop it.



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  1. I believe there's never too much you can do to a airplane when you ride upon one. I believe you are going by total faith. The slightest little problem can put your life at jeopardy. This movie is showing you how that can happen.

  2. Good lord have mercy on my soul…….Forget about the movie
    The beautiful women in it has got me throwrd off, i can't even get into the movie……lol
    (Women). God greatest creation
    Or maybe god herself…….lol

  3. Is that the turbine engine that crashes into Donnie Darko's room? 1:42 Also I like how they did the one jump scare early as a kind of gotcha making you pay more attention just to have to be ready for more of those but it isn't that kind of movie. Also the ending 1:14:30 I wasn't totally sure on but my guess is her main holding onto things is that life is full of horrific things so that is what keeps her attached to existence and she needs to let go of. That's a wild nightmarish premise in itself. Definitely chills to be had on Flight 7500

  4. Holy crap talk about wasting your shit life 🤦 this movie is a total sack of monkey crap.
    By the end of it your glad all these shitheads r dead and your actually routing for death itself.
    If I could wipe my ass with this phone I would just to add some real talent and purpose to this movie.
    I give it 1 💩 for the hot stewardess

  5. so… I only watched the last 11 minutes of the film due to it not looking rad. However I believed for a moment that it was a film about a plane with some sort of Ghoul aboard. This hope was dashed quickly as I realized it was instead kinda mid. 4/10

  6. This movie has my utmost respect, first of all, Alex Frost is in it lmao. Also the movie is a plane crash movie, most people expect that to mean it’s gonna be sally and unrealistic but this is seriously worth any watch.

  7. Wait… Doesn't make sense then… What about the tooth? What about the guy who died in the first place? That was well before the plane hit turbulance. So did he like have a heart attack or something? because of the Shiganami doll? What is this "Deathnote"?!?!?? We gonna have shiganamis eating apples in the plane now? Poorly written but still cool movie. 6/10

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