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MANNY, his wife, ALICIA are drowning in debt. Living with his in-laws, FRANK and CARMEN, Manny asks Frank for a job at his Collection & Repossession agency, evicting people from their homes. Frank thinks Manny is too soft, but Manny, who is desperate, assures him he can do it. When his trial eviction turns out to be Kevin, an old High-school friend who is taking care of his ailing mother, Manny hesitates. Choosing to protect his own family over Kevin’s, Manny goes through with the eviction, ignoring Kevin’s warnings about the evil this will cause. Suddenly Manny realizes that he is being followed. He sees something dark with unnaturally long hands and fingers near his truck. He races over but the figure is gone, leaving a flat tire. Manny’s truck is crumpled in a sudden hit and run. His wife is terrorized by someone lurking in the shadows. At work, Manny faces one troubled eviction after another – he witnesses one of the evicts being electrocuted. Late at night, the same dark figure is in his home, haunting him. Then Frank is killed in a bizarre Rube Goldberg manner. Manny’s life is falling apart — something sinister is hurting those near and dearest to him. Looking for answers, Manny seeks out Kevin. He explains they have been infected by Karma, an evil entity. Manny got it when he evicted Kevin. Anyone who has it can pass it on to someone doing something grievously bad that they know is wrong. He warns him that his family is in danger. Karma uses those you love to make you suffer. As the death toll mounts and his wife and family are in increasing danger, Manny must make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Karma and save his family.

**This film is under license from Vision Films. All rights reserved**

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  1. Overall a solid B-Grade Material movie ^^ Nothing glorious or anything, and I think more could've been done with the concept of "Karma" (heck there's that whole "My Name Is Earl" series that's entirely about karma) but everything else about it was all-around standard quality, which is always good for casual horror movies. Well done ^_^!

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