ARIA | Award Winning Horror Short Film

After the death of her reclusive father, Aria ventures deep into the woods to clear out his cabin, when she encounters a supernatural presence.

Written & Directed by Bruce Tetsuya
Starring Em Marie Davenport, Bess Blackburn
Chuck Fiorella, Binyamin Salzano, Walt Keller
Original Music Score by ARIGTO
Additional Scoring by Soren L. Schirmer
Executive Producer Kurt & Kanae Tsumura
Producers Bruce Tetsuya, JADE, Jacob Glazier, Brian Fangman, Jacques Machol II
Director of Photography Jacob Glazier
Gaffer Shane Farnsworth
Assistant Camera Zhuolin Hong
Lighting Technician Sam Saliba
Visual Consultant Oscar Jimenez
Editor Evan Wiley
Artwork Jade Sheeks
Sound Recordist Dean Hughart
Production Design Cassi Guerra
Choreography Andrew Han & Bruce Tetsuya
Behind the Scenes Andrew Han
Set Dress / Make Up Austin Preister
Catering Jade Sheeks

Special Thank You:
For Support & Love Every Day
Jade, Chibi, Kurt, Kanae, Ari, Ted, Elaine, Koji, Yoshie

Wouldn’t have been possible without…
Moulands, Wiley Kaupas, Claudius, MP&E, Macky Auditorium

Help Along the Way…
Chie & Dean Okazaki, Sara Moore, Aretha Chiu, Diego Estrada

Crowdfunding Backers:
Aiko Kimura, Amber Phillips, Andrew Sitko, Asmulka, Brad Doi, Carlos Malache, Chris Pearce, Christopher Barone, Damon Diep, David Whitford, David Wood, Drew Matsushima, Emma Henry, Eunice Chen, Gabe Johnson, Gavin Ayotte, Hong Joly, Jerry Rivas III, Jolie Noguchi, Jonathan Winston, Josh Woods, Jovonni Edwards, Joy Welch, Kailey Epp, Katherine Neff, Kathy Raabe, Keen Malasarte, Luc Yokoi, Margaret Rosenbaum, Matthew Mejia, Megan Friday, Naaman Yardeny, Pablo Kjolseth, Phillip Harris, Robert Blackburn, Robert T Rudman, Ross Barron, Ruthanne Phillips, Sabrina Negri, Samantha Bolte-Woods, Shannon Umetani, Skinner Myers, Sofia Monzerratt, Tanner Quigley, Tarana Kingdom, Ted & Elaine Tsumura
Thomas Wingerd, Tim, Nika, & Mason Gutierrez, Tyler Watts, WenHao Ma, Wes & Shelley Sakamoto, William Wei, Yoshi Tagawa



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  1. I stopped watching at the 8:28 mark. Someone questioned as to why the girl kept opening her mouth before she spoke, saying it was distracting. Well, it certainly was! Not only did she simply open her mouth…it was totally WIDE open. You could drive a small truck in there. If this was to indicate a stammer it was all wrong.

  2. The half of this film was good. The other half, when those hands appeared and sisters began to dance, the film ended there, only the art remained… Consistency and logic was gone… Otherwise, the camera focus, acting and sound effects were great.

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