Baron Blood | Full Classic 70’s

A young man, visiting the castle of a murderous ancestor in Austria, accidentally brings his dead relative back to life – searching for new victims.



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  1. Such happy music during the opening credits, classic 70's horror.

    "We live in an enlightened age, but I wouldn't play with the occult if I were you."
    Yeah this is getting too cheesy even for me.

  2. This one's WAY better in Italian. About a billion times creepier with much more serious and dramatic voice acting. The English dub is really muffled and the acting is too flat.

  3. Hold on .. So when the guy first meets the blonde (6:35) she has a straight bob style .. then at dinner the style changes (10:00) .. then when they get to the castle (14:40) it's back to a straight bob?? I call Foul .. lol .. Oh, and the hanging guys right eyeball moves while he's dangling there (37:42) .. lol

  4. I've watched spaghetti horror movies over 40 years and I believe this is one of my favorites. The castle was awesome and the atmosphere and camera work as well. Of course Joseph Cotton opened up the canned ham a little over the top but hey, he was getting old and needed the work. Plus European movies like Hollywood actors for their draw power.

  5. This is pretty good. The statement about how foolish mortals can be is certainly true here. You burned innocent witches, now you bring murderers back to life. Sick. Burn.

  6. Cool atmospheric castle (except for the Coke machine inside), but Joseph Cotten as the villainous Baron? For seemingly wanting to conceal his true identity, he appears insistent on endlessly dropping clues . . .

  7. I watched this movie as a teenager. Then as now, I adjudged the American dude visiting his ancestral castle to be a complete idiot in conjuring up the evil baron. Every horror movie has to have some stupid d*ckhead who is the cause of all the danger, trouble, and deaths. It's never truly explained why he has an obsession for summoning up his dead, disfigured and monstrously evil ancestor.

  8. Mario Bava directed back-to-back Euro-horror films starring beautiful Elke Sommer. The first was, "Lisa and the Devil". The second being, "Baron Blood". The first was a noir, moody, dark dreamlike phantasm. Baron Blood was typical horror.
    Elke Sommer as Lisa Reiner, an American tourist in 'Lisa', was oddly dressed very conservatively, for the actual time period of 1972. In the 1973's 'Baron', Mario Bava dressed Elke Sommer contemporary, that is, in a short miniskirt. He had her hair cut to a more mod-70s look. Mario obviously had different visions and intentions between both movies. Baron Blood was a typical, scary Euro-horror film but unlike "Lisa and the Devil", did not contain sexuality and nudity. For those Elke Sommer fans, this must have been a deep disappointment. Nonetheless, Elke fans did get treated to nice views of her legs.

  9. This is a first class production with some "names" in the cast, but plot-wise, 90 minutes of very garden variety stuff have to be waded through to reach a "surprise" ending that's only a little surprising. Bava directed some classics like Black Sunday, but this isn't one of them.

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