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Logline: A woman with a rare medical condition, believes she is responsible for several murders in the Kansas City area.

“FUSED” directed by Patrick Rea

Connect with the filmmakers:



Sarah Mcguire
Katie Rohlfing
Jennifer Femiano
Kristin Rea


Patrick Rea – Director, Producer
Patrick Rea and Michelle Davidson – Writers
Nicholaus James – Director of Photography, Producer
Julian Bickford – Music
Associate Producers – Cecil Searcy, Sarah McGuire, Katie Rohlfing, Zack Bartow, Jackie De Wispelare

Film Festivals

Nightmares Film Festival 2019
Slasher Film Fest 2020
GenreBlast Film Festival 2020
MadMonster Party 2020
Monsters of Horror Film Festival 2020
Reels of the Dead – Chicago
Shockfest Film Festival – 2020
HorrOrigins Film Festival 2020
Sin Film Festival 2020
Montreal Requiem Film Fest 2020

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Horror Short Film “FUSED” | Fear Crypt

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