‘Knocking’ is a Thrill Ride Study of Paranoia

Knocking follows Molly, a very lonely woman, who is trying to gather her life back. She is trying to add some sense of normalcy to her existence, after spending time in a psychiatric ward following a nervous breakdown.

Molly begins hearing a random series of knocks coming from upstairs and investigates to no avail. The knocks persist nightly and begin to erode her fragile psyche.

She believes that someone may be sending out a cry for help using some form of code…or is it simply Molly falling further down a rabbit hole towards another psychotic breakdown.

The movie keeps you, Molly, and the audience in a constant paranoid rollercoaster ride. Is it real…is someone in desperate need of Molly’s help, or is it all paranoid delusion.

The performance by Cecilia Milocco, who plays the part of Molly, is absolutely incredible. The intensity and vulnerability involved in her approach to the character makes you want to believe in her no matter what. Her performance is truly riveting.

Knocking is a masterpiece in paranoia that will draw you into Molly’s fragile world. Is she delusional or is there something truly insidious going on???

I suggest you spend the 78 minutes in October to find out. Strap in, hold on, and enjoy the bumpy yet exhilarating ride!

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