Michael Dougherty’s ‘Krampus’ Will Soon Be a NECA Collectible

Tis the Season to be Naughty!!!


The plot summary for Krampus is as follows:

While the holiday season is the most enchanting time of the year, Krampus, a horned beast who punishes wayward children at Christmas, is mentioned in old European tradition. When a dysfunctional family causes young Max (Emjay Anthony) to lose his festive spirit, the terrifying demon unleashes his fury. As Krampus lays siege to the Engel mansion, mom (Toni Collette), pop (Adam Scott), sister (Stefania LaVie Owen), and brother (Adam Scott) must join together to save each other from a horrible fate.

We still don’t know anything about what NECA’s official plans are so stay tuned for more info!


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