We have a trailer and an exclusive peek at the vampire horror/comedy Red Snow, which will be released on DVD, VOD, and digital on December 28th from 4Digital Media.

“Olivia Romo, an aspiring horror novelist, hides an injured bat that transforms into a handsome vampire in her garage to protect him from a vampire hunter. She feeds him animal blood since she is smitten by the creature, but any possibility of romance is quickly shattered when a gang of fellow bloodsuckers invades her home in pursuit of their lost companion.”

Dennice Cisneros, Nico Bellamy, and Laura Kennon star in Red Snow, which was written and directed by Sean Nichols Lynch and produced by Alrik Bursell. “Struggling novelist Olivia Romero (Dennice Cisneros) and her new vampire boy toy Luke (Nico Bellamy) get a surprise visit from a vampire hunter (Vernon Wells)” in the exclusive footage below.

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