The Old Ways

Daywalkers’ 2 Cents…

One of the better horror movies I’ve seen recently. It’s tightly paced and continually expands the story to incorporate more things than you usually see in movies that are just under 90 minutes. Simple premise but very well executed.

It’s the narrative of a woman haunted by her past  demons. Unfortunately returning to her birthplace, in an attempt to face her fears, she changes those symbolic monsters into physical ones. She is then forced to confront the past that she has spent so long attempting to forget. During her battles with her now very real demons, she rediscovers not only her connection to her history, but also a new sense of purpose.

Everyone involved does an excellent job in this film, which manages to get you invested in all of the characters in a short amount of time. The majority of the action takes place in a small setting which allows the audience to focus on the relationships between the small cast of characters. Its intentional constraints never feels confining because of the descriptive dialog and skilled directing.

It’s a fascinating supernatural story with cultural overtones, while not being overly terrifying. If you love movies about demonic possession and exorcism then you will love this one!

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