Top 12 Upcoming Horror Movies of 2022

Hey, horror fans, the long wait is over! 2022 is knocking at our doors, and it is bringing with it a long list of horror films that you have been eagerly waiting to watch for a long time. Now that the film release schedule has started gaining normalcy, the horror films about to be released in 2022 have already begun to intrigue and excite horror fans. Films like the new “Scream” and the “Halloween” trilogy final movie and many more unique films in the classic franchise and original content are about to be released from talented filmmakers like Jordan Peele, Robert Eggers and many more. Buzz is in the air regarding the facts and features of these films, as everyone is looking forward to the sequels, adaptations, and spine-chilling tales to appear in the theatres next year. Let us take a quick look at the top upcoming horror movies of 2022 that will rock you to your core. Are you ready for the adrenaline rush?

0:00 Intro
1:35 The Crooked Man
3:18 The Black Phone
4:53 Unwelcome
6:16 Firestarter
7:56 Jeepers Creepers Reborn
9:31 Prey: Predator Prequel
11:16 Hellraiser
12:55 Texas Chainsaw Massacre
14:38 Evil Dead Rises
16:13 Scream
18:00 Halloween Ends
19:41 Terrifier 2

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