15 Awesome Upcoming Horror Games for 2022

2022 is scheduled to be packed with many horror games from AAA blockbusters to smaller scale indie delights. In this video we check out some of the most exciting horror games of the upcoming year from developers both big and small.

The games included in this video – Resident Evil Village DLC, Ghostwire Tokyo, Somerville, Evil Nun: The Broken Mask, Dark Deception, Scorn, Poppy Playtime, Dead Space Remake, Choo Choo Charles, Andy’s Apple Farm, Evil Dead: The Game, My Friendly Neighborhood, Bendy and the Dark Revival, Dying Light 2, The Outlast Trials.

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  1. The game I would like to see: A sort of horror open world rpg with sandbox elements. Sort of like Breath of the Wild, crossed with minecraft, but horror.

  2. You missed The Quarry. It is coming out next month and it can have a whole 7 player co-op story experience where each player can take control of a unique character

  3. There is a game called “the Peterson case” that has been in development for a long time. I want to play it!!! But I’m kind of worried about it. It’s 2022 and the “release date” on steam STILL says late 2021. It’s kinda sad that I feel like I’m the only one who cares about this game. Also the creator of dead space is making a horror game taking place apparently within the PUB G universe called the Castillo protocol.

  4. A few of these really looked good but personally I’m not a huge fan of how action dominated horror games have become. They seem more like shoot em ups with spooky enemies rather than actually scary experiences. I’ve played a bit of the more recent Resident Evil games and I was a bit disappointed at how action packed they were. There were definitely some scary jump scares but nothing unsettled me or sent chills down my spine. Don’t get me wrong, Im not saying RE or any of the other games on this list are bad games- far from it. However, I just wish horror games would incorporate more horror rather than…Yanno…shooty shooty bang bang.

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