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Don’t unlock the door.

“The Unlocking” by Thomas Matthew Brush

Watch the “Making of The Unlocking” Documentary: https://youtu.be/ahq2EMzVfK8

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More About “The Unlocking”:
Elliot obsessively locks his front door every-night, all night. One day his therapist recommends he do everything in his power to leave the door unlocked, break the habit, and discover if his fear of “Mr. Tutu” is real…

“The Unlocking” Credits:
Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Editor: Thomas Brush
Director of Photography: Josh Murphy
Elliot: Andre Griner
Therapist: Debbie Brush
Mr. Tutu: Andre Griner, Matt Laird
Technical Support, Nurse: Brett Sheffield
Sound Mastering: Hector Rodriguez

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  1. The closest I get to OCD like behavior is checking if the door is looked or if I have my keys. I can actually do that several times before I stop myself and focus on seeing that I actually completed an action. However, its not OCD, just me getting old.


    I love that at 4:50 you can already see the silhouette of Mr.Tutu in the shadows before he points the flashlight on him and that from the hair, Mr.Tutu looks similar to him. And I love his burger phone.

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