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A guilt-stricken Angela, visits her parents for what at first seems to be a routine family dinner, only for a painful truth to bubble to the surface, descending the evening into a nightmare.

“The Dinner After” by Matty Crawford

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More About “The Dinner After”:
An exhausted and guilt-stricken ANGELA, visits her parents for what at first seems like a fairly routine family dinner. Yet as the dinner progresses something feels off. Angela’s parents seem awkward and confused. Her Mother extremely upset over the smallest of things. Whist her Father who seems oblivious, keeps calling her by her sister’s name, who isn’t present at the dinner. A tension fills the room. As the dinner progresses, it becomes apparent that this is the first time Angela has seen both her parents after getting involved in a car accident which killed her younger sister, LAUREN, a few months ago. Details of this traumatic event, gradually creeps through into the conversation – fuelling Angela’s guilt. Angela does her best to evade this topic, as she’s unable to face her grief. However, her parents won’t let go of the subject and the dinner quickly becomes more and more nightmarish. The awkward dinner descends into a surreal horror, as Angela tries to escape the house. But these attempts to outrun her grief are futile, as she collapses through a doorway which transports her back to the day of the accident. She wakes up inside an upturned car, where she’s forced to confront the physical manifestation of her guilt… a demonic version of her dead sister.

“The Dinner After” Credits:
Director – Matty Crawford
Producer – Thijme Grol
Writer – Paul Carey
Cinematographer – Wouter Verheul
Editor – Mira Thu
Composer – Adrian Cermak
Sound Designer – Carlos San Juan Juanchi
Dubbing Mixer – Guldem Masa
Production Sound Mixer- Alex Hanton-Rhys
Colourist/ Online Editor – Jongheon Lee
Production Managers – Emily Farrell, Charlotte Peachey
1st AD – Etienne Newton

Starring Angela – Lucy Doyle
Sue – Joanna Brookes
David – John Ramm
Lauren – Fern Deacon

Further Crew

Casting Director
Ruth O’Dowd

2nd Assistant Director
Lydia Stansbury

3rd Assistant Director
Ariadne Divaris

Floor Runner
Alice Rostant

Location Manager
Rachel Cooksey

Covid Supervisor
Emma Hanson

Production Assistant
Emma Hinnells

Production Runners
Zachary Bartlett
Julia Henderson
Zara Trott Matthew Woodcock-Fowles

Production Designer
Nathalie Carraro

1st Assistant Camera
Mike Hannan

2nd Assistant Camera
Niels Halle Lluc Mestre

Rob O’Kelly

DP’s Assistant and DIT
Lukáš Bistřický

Dan Howe, Hal Pilkington, Natalya Walker

1st Assistant Sound
Benjamin Schweimler Ricca

Costume Supervisor
Ursula Toon

Hair and Make-Up Artists
Sadie Lauder, Tiffany Smith, Maisie Boyd

Millie Farquhar, Nikoleta Slezakova, Elena Storozheva-Golovushkina, Hugh Clegg

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  1. Sometimes, the most traumatizing incidents, and nightmarish flashbacks, can trigger both, immense guilt, and great sorrow. The parents went crazy, over the tragedy, in her minds eye. Very intense and Bazaar, but well written and directed. The actors were very good, and the scenes, were tremendous. Well done!👍👍👍

  2. What a heart-wrenching film! It's so true how guilt can tear us up inside, how our inability to forgive ourselves can destroy us. The separation she felt from the rest of her family is almost indescribable, but the main actress made you feel the depth of her pain. Well done!

  3. My husband and I watched this hoping to be scared and we ended up crying 😂 SUCH a powerful film about grief and guilt! The cinematography and acting was amazing!

  4. This is the best 15 minutes-and-under horror movie I've seen. All the actors did very fine jobs and the script was realistic and crisp. Of course, the direction was the best there is. So much thanks to the production staff for this awesome movie. How I wish it could have been a full length film. Congratulations everybody – to the moon and back for this masterpiece!

  5. Hey everyone, I'm Matty Crawford and I directed "The Dinner After". We poured our heart n souls into this film, so very pleased to have you all watching it. Shoot me any questions you have and I can try answer it for ya. Thanks for sharing our work @WatchALTER

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