DON’T PEEK – Horror Short

Make sure to watch with headphones and don’t play video games late at night…
Made with 3 people and a Blackmagic pocket camera during quarantine! BTS @JulianMovies

Written/DP’d/Edited/Colored/Produced/Directed by Julian Terry
Produced/Gaffed/Zozo by Alexander Anderson
Starring Katie C’etta

Sound Design by Christina Gonzalez
Score by Alex Winkler
Flame Artist Tim Hendrix
Sprite Artist Eric Bradford

Additional VFX by
Narendra Kumar Moond, Shivani JIndal, Jatin Jindal
Rajan Balana, Komal Rajput, Nagendra Moond, Nitasha, Tarun, manish.

This is a non-profit film, Nightlight Motion Pictures is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo or Animal Crossing.


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