Somniphobia (2021) – Short Horror Film

A doctor with the ability to visit people’s dreams helps a young woman confront the terrifying reality of her nightmare…

“Somniphobia” is a short horror film from Silver Hero Entertainment. Written and directed by Dillon Vibbart and co-produced by Matt Kohler, this horror / psychological thriller is the inspiration behind one of the scripts from our current feature film slate.

The film was shot on a $12k budget over the course of 4 days in Pasadena, CA. Our goal was to not only showcase our filmmaking efforts on a limited budget, but to make a horror film with a deeper meaning. As big fans of the horror genre, we wanted to tell a compelling story that didn’t just focus on the scares, but would rather be amplified by them.

With an amazing cast and crew behind this project, we hope “Somniphobia” can display a prime example of indie filmmaking at its best. Enjoy!

Production Company: Silver Hero Entertainment

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Executive Producer: Dillon Vibbart

Producer: Matt Kohler

Director Of Photography: Joshua Nitschke

Assistant Director: Catherine Deptuch

Sound by Brian Hackett

Music Composed and Orchestrated by Lance Trevino

Creature and Make Up Effects by M.J. DuBarr

Additional Make Up by Jackie Holden and Veronica Rodarte

Visual Effects by Cody Vibbart

Sound Mixing by Nicholas Paolella

Production Assistant: Liam Connaughton


Chris Attoh

Tatjana Marjanovic

Atticus Hinckley

Roney Iampran

Jul Kohler

Austin Heemstra

Shery Diamond

Nic Tom

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